he of the curls

easter familyfamilycouchcheryldrivemikeatbeachWe were all cute, but as you can see, Michael totally took the cake.


summertime clothes

me and mikerunningunclejimmemikefamilyatbeachTop: Me and my brother, Michael

Middle: My Uncle Jim, Me, my brother

Bottom: My sister, Lauren, my mother, me, my brother

Tiny tots, with their eyes all a-glow


christmas, huge eyes

laurenandcaitchristmasReally Mom, matching outfits?

away we go

laurenonslidelauren on a slide

at the beach

lauren and papaLauren and our Papa.

how i spent my summer vacation

IMG_3019what working on this project generally looks like.

summer session

momauntiebobMy mother, sister, Uncle Bob (?), and Aunt Ellen enjoying the summertime — 1979